Links for August Workshop in Chattanooga

Google Site for the Workshop

A. Introduction to Motion Diagram (link to presentation slides: pdf)

I. “Motion Shot” App to Make Action Sequence Photos

a. Links to “Motion Shot” App: apple store, google play

b. Short youtube video 

c. Example photos (blog post)

d. youtube video of batting action

II. Clicker Questions and Card Sorts to Practice Motion Diagrams

a. Motion Diagram Card Sort (powerpoint)

b. Link to card sort article in The Physics Teacher

c. Link to Various Card Sorts on Teach.Brian.Teach Blog

d. Blog posts by Kelly O’Shea on Card Sorts (kinematics, momentum, forces)

e. Links to Desmos Simulation using Motion Diagrams (link to another one)

f. Using Logger Pro & Motion Detector to Make Motion Diagram (blog post)

g. Other card sorts with Motion Diagrams (with force diagrams)

III. Stroboscopic Photos for Analyzing Phenomena Using Motion Diagrams

a. Set of Stroboscopic Photos (link to word files: landscape, portrait)

b. Link to Edgerton Archive (Gallery of Photos)

c. Online resource – blog post / brief intro reading to Action Sequence Photography

IV. Vector Manipulatives to Create Motion Diagrams

a. Vector Manipulative Template (powerpoint)

b.  Blog Post with example and links

c. Handout from the Workshop with the Motion Diagram Practice Exercises (pdf)

B. Building and Using Models (Example from Uniform Motion)

a. Link to the specific simulation we looked at (time trial race)

b. Youtube Video of Women’s Rowing Time Trial (other video)

c. Link to Desmos File with Example Data, Graph, and Equations for the Simulation.

d. Link to Physics Aviary (Website)

e. Slides (pdf) for Uniform Motion Lab Activity as done at MTSU

e. Links to Kelly’s Post on Constant-Velocity Model-Building Lab

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