Card Sorting Activity Files

I now have most of the card sorts from our algebra-based physics course available in a google drive at this link:

Currently, the files are saved as powerpoint, which allows for some edit-ability. I will see about getting them shared in other formats such as pdf, and getting the rest of the collection up. There’s a linear equation / graphs one and also a constant velocity one that I need to edit before posting.

In the Files, I’ve tried to include the cards themselves in addition to possible instructions for how to use them. Lots of variations are possible, however. Here are some screenshots to give a feel.

Free Body Diagrams (2D Dynamics)

Some Additional Comments:

  • I think the card sorting activities themselves work best NOT as standalone activities, although they could be used this way. We use them often as an activity to help transition between brief direct instruction (with clicker questions) and some problem-solving or laboratory activity that is apt to be more open-ended. I hope soon to include more resources about the surrounding instructional context.
  • You can easily just print black and white paper copies. Alternatively, and it’s a bit of work, but we print color copies, laminate them, cut them out, and then put magnetic tape on them. This allows them to be re-used for many classes, allows students to use white board markers on them, and also use them on vertical whiteboard surfaces.
  • Feel free to use and edit for non-commercial use. Let me know if you see any gross errors (I’m sure there are some), have any questions, etc.

3 thoughts on “Card Sorting Activity Files

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  1. Brian:
    First: thanks for sharing your hard work.
    Second: I found something that may be an error or perhaps a deliberate “teachable moment”.

    In the Spring Matching Task from your shared google drive, there are various representations for three springs of constant 5, 10 and 20 N/m. This is consistent with the Force vs x tables but not with the graphs.
    If the units on the graphs are changed to meters instead of cm, then the graphs would be a consistent representation for the three springs.

    Like I said, I’m not sure if this was intentional or not. If not, I thot I should bring it to your attention.

    Thanks again,

    1. Definitely a mistake for units to be meters on the graphs!. Students pointed it out last time I used it, but I haven’t got around to fixing it. Thanks for the reminder!

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