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Thin Lens: Image and Ray Tracing

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 12.38.17 PM


Standing Waves in Pipes

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 12.41.36 PM

Two Slit Interference (Observations)

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 12.47.49 PM

Two Source Interference:  Modeling 

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 1.05.07 PM


Standing Waves from Superposition

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 12.50.55 PM


Two Sources Interference Explorer (Simple)

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 12.55.10 PM


version embedded in an activity builder

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 1.45.28 PM


Adding More Slits Gradually to Approach Diffraction Grating

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 1.35.27 PM


SHM: Energy vs Position Graph

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 12.58.19 PM

Version Embedded in Activity Builder

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 1.51.56 PM


Explore Compass Around Two Bar Magnets 

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 1.01.26 PM



Pulse on a String (Energy Transfer)

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 9.56.36 AM


Standing Waves: Mode, Kinematics, and Energy

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 9.51.38 AM


Pulses from Standing Waves

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 9.37.54 AM


Standing Wave on String (Energy Flow)

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 1.09.33 PM



Live Animated Kinematics Graph

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 1.54.34 PM


Motion Diagram in 2D (Fading Example)

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 1.12.08 PM

Two-Stage Velocity vs Time Graph

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 12.52.25 PM

Quantitative Motion Diagrams

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 2.10.18 PM.png


Kinematics (Multiple Representations)

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 9.28.11 AM


Version Embedded in an Activity Builder
Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 1.48.01 PM


Kinematics (Position and Clock readings)

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 9.32.39 AM


Kinematic Graphs Games – Sketching and Equation Writing

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 2.29.39 PM

Contact Forces on a Balloon

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 1.57.47 PM


Vector Component (Force)

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 3.27.47 PM.png


Two Vector Sum with Components

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.21.58 AM


Force Vectors (Sum)

(alternative version where individual forces are locked along an axis)

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 2.29.19 PM.png


Force and Motion (Two-Stage)

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 9.17.10 AM


Projectile Motion (with fade)

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 7.46.29 PM


Uniform Circular MotionScreen Shot 2018-07-22 at 4.57.57 PM

Rolling Up and HillScreen Shot 2021-06-03 at 9.34.57 AM


Sinusoidal Graphs

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 11.27.51 AM


Simple Harmonic Motion

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 11.11.00 AM.png


Damped Harmonic Oscillator

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 9.21.45 AM.png


Lissajous Curves
Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 9.49.49 AM

Classical Magnetic Moment in External Field

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.42.26 AM


Stern Gerlach Experiment Trajectories

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.37.49 AM


Spin-1 Particle Precession: Probability Evolution

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.40.06 AM


Adjacent States in Infinite Well (QM)

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.04.18 AM


QM Oscillator vs Infinite Well

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.13.51 AM


1D QM Oscillator Analysis:

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.58.07 AM


Hydrogen Atom (beyond the classical turnarounds)

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.20.25 AM

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