“I would give anything for students who are…”

A student shared this … hope to see yours in the comments.

“I would give anything for students who are…”

However you would complete that sentence—whatever characteristics you most desire to see in the students who walk through your door…

Make it your main goal, day after day, to develop those qualities in your own students.


2 thoughts on ““I would give anything for students who are…”

Add yours

  1. Great prompt. Without spending too much time thinking about it, I would say curious, reflective, and good listeners.

    My students certainly come in curious, but I don’t always do the best job of nurturing that curiosity. I have a lot of trouble with students not being reflective about whether their answer makes sense or how the answer to part b) relates to the answer for part a). I try to model this in class, but clearly not well enough. My students are generally good listeners towards me, but not always good listeners towards each other. I would include in this not only the act of listening, but also prompting others to share, feeling a desire to listen to other students.

    1. I like those three. I’ve been thinking a lot about helping students to say whether their answer makes sense… The “guess a number that you know will be too high / too low” before problem-solving can be effective. I also have done a lot of problems that were first qualitative clicker questions… so we might decide that Tension > Weight in some case. Instead of asking them generically if answer makes sense, I’ll ask, “Is your answer consistent with what we decided must be true about the forces?” It can be useful to during clicker question asking, “How can we use this to help us out when we work the problem to know whether our final answer makes sense?”

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