Rights and Responsibilities (Inquiry Fall 2012)


To contribute to your group’s ongoing work–this means you should “pull your weight”, do your part, and do the work you are expected to do.

To participate in ways that invite and allow others’ to participate as well

To be prepared for class–for example, you should be on time everyday with assignments completed.

To respect others and their ideas by listening for understanding, listening with an open mind, by providing constructive criticism when you disagree, and by offering help.

To be actively engaged in class by getting involved, contributing to class discussion, and listening to others.

To be forgiving of others’ mistakes and to ask for others’ forgiveness when appropriate

To clean up after yourself


To have the time and resources to meet expectations

To ask questions and seek clarification

To hold and express your own ideas and opinion

To agree or disagree with others, in a respectful manner

To participate fully in classroom activities

To seek mediation and facilitation from instructor when rights are being violated

To be wrong and make mistakes

To use the restroom when needed

To use technologies like cellphones out in the hallway when really important.

To have a break during class

To be respected by others (and not be embarrassed by others)

To research facts or for yourself

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  1. I did Rights and Responsibilities for the first time in my class this semester. My students had an easier time coming up with responsibilities than they did rights. I’m curious if you do anything to help your students think about rights.

    1. A lot of what I do is circulate and ask them to be more specific or revoice for them what I think their concerns and issues are. Sometimes I have to ask the questions like, “How do you think everyone deserves to be treated in this class?”

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