Inquiry First day Brain Dump

* We did introductions, I learned everyone’s name

* I talked about class stuff, syllabus

* We did the pendulum mini activity (write quietly, talk with group, share with class, rewrite again): Where will washer go if I let go when its at the very top of its swing.

* We watched the pendulum video of children (pausing now and then for small group and whole class discussion)

* We did student rights and responsibilities

* I introduced my life as a researcher, current project, and handed out consent forms

* I discussed homework (read pendulum case study and write reflection; plus finding the moon assignment)

* Students left me an exit ticket with responses to three Q’s (#1 what about this class makes sense? What is it specifically that makes sense? #2 What about this class doesn’t make sense to you right now? What questions do you still have? #3 Is there something else on your mind? Something you’d like to tell me)

Still to do for wednesday

#1 Do teacher rights and responsibilities

#2 Address concerns (projects, assignments, etc)

#2 Have students read and sign consent forms

#3 Start unit of light!


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