First Day Exit Slip

This year in my classes, I’m doing a first day exit slip consisting of three questions:

#1 What about this class makes sense to you? What specifically is it that makes sense to you and why?

#2 What about this class doesn’t (yet) make sense to you? What specifically are you concerned or confused about?

#3 Is there anything else on your mind? Something you want or need to tell me about?

Some snippets:

#1 What makes sense

“We will be discussing everything and everyone has their own ideas”

“Group work makes me comfortable–and all the support I know I will have makes me excited. I was scared of this class and no I’m not.”

“Being in a community in this class makes sense to me. We’re learning together, but we all think differently.”

“What makes sense is what we are going to do during the semester and what is expected from me.”

“For this class, you have to do your work in order to get a good grade.”

“This class makes sense and I feel comfortable with my ability to succeed.”

“It makes sense to work in groups. Sometimes science is no individualized.”

“It makes sense that this class is more about discussion than lecture”

“I like that this class is open and its not just lecture. I feel like  can learn more when we feed off each other.”

“This class makes sense because it allows us to see how a child thinks and how the difference between the teacher and children’s thinking can affect learning.”

“The method of learning makes sense to me. Brian made is clear about the method.”

“So far this class makes sense in terms of why I have to take it.”

“Breaking down things: learning how to do science and learning science along the way.”

“This class will help me better understand science, and in particular, how I understand it and how children understand it.”

“The assignments make sense because they are clearly explained.”

“The class will allow me to learn the ways how others think about science and how to make others learn by interacting.”

“I am still trying to process everything. The class/small discussion makes sense to me.”

#2 What doesn’t make sense

“Some of the assignments”

“The independent projects.”

“I don’t understand why we have a facebook page and a blog”

“I’m afraid I won’t get around to doing an project. I sincerely hope I can.

“Some of the timing doesn’t make sense. I feel like we are going to cram a lot into a little space and I feel like that might be frustrating.”

“I think I need more clarification about expectations for assignments.”

“The independent project. Is it a paper?”

“I know this isn’t a methods class, but what should I focus on most as far as a future K-6 Teacher? Should I just focus on being more knowledgable or how to explain these things to an elementary student.”

“The different parts of the notebook.”

“I would like more information on the independent project such as format and expectations.”

“With independent projects, do we have to do one or all three parts?”

“Please ask me again later! Right now I’m good.”

“Why is this class separate from life science?”

#3 What else?

“I’m ready to get started!”

“I find the moon with my kids about every night. Super excited about that I get to do it for class.”

“I’m having a baby girl in December. =)”

“I’m very excited about this class and love hands-on experiences and assignments.”

“I appreciate your energy. It makes the 3 hours seem bearable.”

“I have a class right after this across campus so if I hope can avoid getting out here late. That would help.”

“I’m excited about this class!”

“I’m excited about what we are going to learn.”

“I am so excited about this class,and I want to thank you.”

“I look forward to this class and the challenges it will hopefully present.”

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  1. I like it, and I think I’ll use something pretty close to this on my first day with HS juniors & seniors. I think it’ll be especially appropriate because it’ll most likely be the first time they’ve heard of standards-based grading, so I think it’ll be interesting & valuable to see how they respond to that.

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