Useful Logger Pro File: Motion Detector with Multiple Representations

Here is useful Logger Pro File I made for using a motion detector with a cart on a 1.2 m track.

This video show cases some of its features, which are accessed on different pages of the file.

A slightly updated version can be found here at this link. It has some additional adornments with speedometers to help make connections to vectors, but I fear that some of pages are now too busy.

Also, if you are looking for a quick tutorial on how to make motion diagrams using animated displays, here you go.

I made this for a couple reasons:

  1. Motion diagrams are a pretty cool feature of motion detectors that most people don’t know about or use.
  1. I don’t usually like the default file that opens up when you attach a sensor.
  2. I don’t like having to make lots of different files for different labs.
  3. I wanted a file that my students could use any time they use a motion detector with a cart on track.
  4. I wanted a file that started simple a became more sophisticated / complex
  5. I wanted specific pairings of representations that would support understanding beyond the standard stacks of kinematics graphs.

Finally, I hope to get around to making a similar file that has been adjusted properly for use on the 2.2 m track, and another one that will be adjusted for tracking large objects. The adjustments needed are mostly to

Make sure the scale of the Animated display is correct and matches the graphs.

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