Force Player Cards

So, an activity I want to do is have students make “cards” for each of the types of forces. 

The card will require some picture but also have information like this is example for weight.

Personality: reliable and down to earth

Special Powers: Can pull from long range
Stats: varies force depending on the mass of victim, using an invisible web (aka gravitational field) to pull with a strength of 9.8 N for every 1.0 kg.

Fun Facts:  

favorite song is Tom Petty’s “free falling”. 

Feel free to play along in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “Force Player Cards

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  1. It sounds like weight is treated as a special case of the gravitational force, at the surface of the Earth. If so, that seems unnecessarily confusing to me.

    I wonder what the card for gravity looks like.

    1. In my class, we haven’t done universal gravity yet, we have only talked about weight in context of lab we did to measure how hard earth pulls on objects. We call that force “weight”-within the context of what our class currently knows and understands. What would your gravity card look like?

  2. Tension

    Personality: prefers to hang loose, but has been known to stiffen up under stress

    Superpowers: Has amazing adaptive strength that can accommodate a variety of needs, but it only works in one specific direction.

    Fun Facts: Has an imaginary best friend known as ideal string–a mythical being that is massless and never changes size.


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