Daily Sheets Snippets

“I no longer believe that… but I also don’t think it’s…”

“I still can’t explain why…”

“I can’t wait to share my idea about light.”

“I am still wondering why…”

“It didn’t make sense that … when we…”

“I love that…”

“It blew my mind that…”

“I thought to myself why can’t we see… If it’s… and…, then we should be able to… but we can’t.”

“I’m still having a hard time understanding why…”

“Today, I’m starting to understand…”

“I still do not know and can’t make sense of how/why… I almost feel like it’s…”

“I get that…, but WHY?”

“I understand (or at least I think I do!) why the…”

“I loved their presentation. It made complete sense to my brain”

5 thoughts on “Daily Sheets Snippets

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  1. Brian,
    Are these stems that you use on different daily sheets? Or are they different responses that you’ve seen in student work? If the first one, how do you decide which starters to put on a daily sheet for a given day?

    1. These are snippets of actual student comments. I just removed some words to highlight the kind of things they were writing. The same questions are given everyday. What did you do, think, or hear today that made sense to you? What specifically about it made sense? and then What did you do, think, or hear about today that didn’t make sense? What specifically is not making sense about it?

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