Rights & Responsibilities: Spring 2012

Student Rights

To participate in class in your own personal way

To express your ideas and opinion

To have your ideas taken seriously

To not be interrupted or shutdown during discussion

To be treated as an adult (and not like a child)

To ask questions and seek clarification

To be excused from class when deemed necessary

To have a snack (or two)

Student Responsibilities

To listen while others are talking

To disagree with others in a respectful manner

To be prepared and engaged in class

To be punctual

To come to class with an open mind

To make sure you are understanding ideas

To contribute to your group’s work

To contribute in a way that allows other to contribute as well

To clean up after yourself

Teacher Rights

To be respected as a teacher

To have students’ attention when needed

To set high expectations

To change the direction of the class if need be

To disagree with the class or hold differing opinions

To have a snack

To set rules and establish consequences

Teacher Responsibilities

To keep things interested

To provide learners with a prepared learning environment

To provide opportunities for students to learn what is expected of them

To respect both the class and individuals in it

To grade fairly and assign meaningful work (not busy work)

To manage class discussions

To speak clearly

To keep the class on track

To make connections to their future careers as teachers when possible

To clarify expectations, especially for assignments

To be attentive to student ideas and opinions

To make sure we are progressing toward “scientific” understandings

Here is the list from last semester for comparisons

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