Initial ideas about Pinhole Theatre

Initial ideas about what we would see

#1 We’ll see a dot, a circle of light, probably bigger than the hole itself.

Light seems to spread out, like a flashlight

#2 We’ll see the white piece of paper, maybe even with the brightness fading as it gets to the edges.

Like a flashlight lighting a room

Like a streep lamp lighting the ground

It only takes a little bit of light getting in to fill the whole space (like a cracked door)

The light might even bounce of the paper and onto your face, lighting your face

#3 Depending on the position of the hole and the head, you might see a shadow of the head

#4 You will see whatever is behind you–for example a tree

#5 Maybe things will be backwards.

#6 It might depend on the kind of light or the amount light

Inside vs Outside Light

Sunny vs. Non Sunny Day

Bright vs. Dim Light

#7 We might see images or colors on any pieces of shiny tape that were used

Those images might be backwards because shiny tape acts like a mirror or reflection


We saw what was behind us, but everything was upside down: The lamp-post, people walking by, the sky, buildings, etc.

We not only saw images, but we saw moving images (e.g., people walking by, the bus going by)

Everything might also be left-right backwards… On group saw that a bus moving from left to right was seen going from right to left in the box

With a hole in the top right corner, you saw the shadow of your head in the bottom left corner.

Things that were far away seemed to be clearer than things that were close up (seems opposite of real vision… far away things are blurrier)

We could see color, at least sometimes. Color was easier to see when the hole was bigger, but it also made the image less clear. Color also seemed easier to see for far away objects than closer objects.

With a small hole, it was only easy to see certain things (like sun and trees). As the hole got slightly bigger, it was easier to see everything and in color. When the hole got even bigger, the colors became more vibrant but the imagine got more distorted


Why is everything upside down?

Does this work like a projector? (the fact that blurriness depends on distance of objects)

Does the image come in through the hole and then bounce off the white paper like a pingpong ball?

Does this have anything do with how our brains and/or eyes “flip” the imagine when we see?

Will this work inside?

Why is the “level” of the image not right with the world behind us? (e.g., high things appear low).

Are farther things really crisper and closer things blurrier? If so, why?

Why does the size of the hole have an effect on the color / blurriness?

Are the images just upside-down or upside-down and left-right backwards?

Is the image always upside down or does it depend on the angle you hold things up?

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