2nd Draft of Inquiry Standards

I decided to rewrite and organize my ideas about some possible standards for my inquiry course. Right now I’m only focused one strand:

A.  Creating, Supporting, and Developing My Own Ideas

1. Articulating Ideas
Generating Ideas
A1.1  I think about my own experiences in the world (looking for possible connections), as a source for ideas about how the world might work
A1.2 I ask questions about how the world works and discuss my own curiosities about the world
Expressing Ideas
A1.3 Given time to reflect and write, I can articulate my own initial thinking and ideas about phenomena in clear and specific ways
A1.4 I express my ideas and thinking through diverse representations that enhance or clarify my thoughts (e.g., drawings, sketches, diagrams, graphs)
2. Supporting Ideas

Evidence-based Support
A2.1 I consider supporting evidence or examples when making claims or presenting an idea.
A2.2 I go beyond citing evidence by detailing the rationale that explains why I think evidence supports claims and ideas.
Theory-based Support
A2.3 I can explain how different ideas that I have seem to ‘fit’ together in a logical way.
A2.4 I attend to the implications of my own ideas and articulate how those implications lead me to make certain conclusions or predictions
3. Sorting through Ideas

Theoretical Progress
A3.1 I look for inconsistencies among the various ideas that I have and I can compare and contrast competing ideas I have
A3.2 I seek to resolve inconsistencies among the ideas I have …
Empirical Progress
A3.3 I seek ways to put my ideas to the test through new careful observations and/or experimental design
A3.4 In the face of evidence that run counter to my ideas, I return to my ideas to ask questions and reconsider my thinking.

4. Maturing Ideas
A3.1 I can provide explanations that tell a gapless story which detail exactly how specific conditions give rise to certain outcomes
A3.2 I can use diagrams to carefully work out the implications of ideas and use such diagrams to explain phenomena
A3.3 I can explain the history of previously held ideas and the reasons for abandoning them
A 3.4 I am aware of my own level of commitment to ideas and can explain why in terms of evidence, arguments, & theory.
Anyway, here’s to progress in my thinking about this. I have a long way to go.

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