Who taught me this racing game?

I’m guessing it was Frank who taught me this game, but from what I remember the rules are something like

  1. Your velocity vector updates your position.
  2. Each turn, you must accelerate your velocity vector by 1 square —  up, down, left, or right.
  3. If you crash into a wall, your velocity drops to zero, and/or maybe there is some penalty.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 5.18.15 PM

2 thoughts on “Who taught me this racing game?

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  1. I don’t know who taught you this, but I learned it in ~1980 from Odyssey magazine. I found it challenging to use with kids, though, when I eventually tried using it as a teacher in the 1990s.

    1. Definitely challenging with students. I haven’t tried it too much, but isn’t easy. I think it’d be a good review game for physics majors. 🤔

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