Important Things

A few things I’d like to get back to doing in the spring that I didn’t have the mental energy / time for this past fall.

1. Making the first assignment of the semester to find my office and say hello.

2. Emailing students who miss class to let them know we missed them (same day)

3. Holding office hours in varied places such as

  • Empty classroom
  • Library
  • Coffee Shop
  • Science building lobby

4. Early on, giving students a survey about their learning and performance goals in this class, and later checking in with students who are not meeting their own goals.

5. Instead of suggesting vaguely that students come to office hours for extra help, actually sit down with them and schedule a specific date and time that works for both to meet.

6. Set aside time on day one to help students structure their weekly study schedules and semester planning. Follow up with students who are no getting it done to revisit the schedule.

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