Draft of Projectile Card Sort Task

Putting together a draft for a matching task related to projectile motion. Yah!

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Revised Prompts :

Round 1: Hand out just the motion diagram, description, and list of initial values. Have students sort the cards into matches

Round 2: Add the graphs to the mix, and have students complete the matches.

Round 3: Ask students to use the graphs to determine the time of flight and horizontal distance traveled. Compare and contrast the three cases. Which one spent the most time, least time? Why? Which on traveled the most distance? Why?

Round 4:  Add equations into the mix, and have students complete the matches.

Round 5:  Ask students how they can find time of flight and horizontal distance from the equations (rather than graph). Explain what is similar / different about using graphs vs. equations.

Round 6: Take away the graphs (or flip them over), and ask students to see if they can determine the time to maximum height and the value of maximum height from the equations.  Check answers against graphs. If they get stuck, have them go back to graphs. Compare and contrast cases: Which one go the highest? Why?

Round 7: With graphs back in mix, ask to find the speed of the ball at it’s highest point. Compare and contrast. Which was moving fastest at its highest point? Why? Which one slowest why?

Round 8:  Ask students to find the final speed (just before hitting ground). Compare and contrast? How did the final speeds compare? Why?

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