Projectile Motion and Newton’s 2nd Law Desmos Simulation

More playing around with desmos. These are not “student activity” ready or designed by any means, but here they are:

Projectile Motion Visualization [click on image]:

Visualizes the position of a projectile motion as a vector equation (rather than components)

Newton’s 2nd Law Simulation:

When you open this link, all the features will be turned on (show all vectors, show all graphs, and even friction is turned on), which is overwhelming. I would imagine typically you would want to start with most of the settings off.

You can adjust how typical Newton’s 2nd law stuff:  Force and mass, but also how long you exert the force, and the coefficeint of friction.

You can choose to show force vectors, velocity vectors, motion diagram, positon vs. time graph, and velocity vs. time graph.

The simulation is set to run for forward for 10 seconds. Desmos, will then immediately start to run the simulation backwards.

Below, you can open the simulation with more of settings not turned on:


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