LA seminar Update

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For the LA seminar class on student attitudes about and approaches toward science learning , I ended up color-coding the statements from the CLASS, according to expert concensus: Green for agree, red for disagree, and black for no concensus. I didn’t tell them what the colors meant as they sorted them. To a really good measure, the favorable statements ended up being attributed to Ellen’s approach and the unfavorable responses attributed to Liza’s approach. This is what I expected would happen, and when I revealed what colors meant, it gave us the opportunity to talk about what we’d done and found in a new light.

Next time, I’ll have students jot down their explanations directly on sheets, and then have the class explore the wall, noting any that they think should/could be placed differently. Focus conversation around those. Students had really thoughtful explanations for why both would agree to certain statements, for different reasons. While the small group conversations were rich, the whole class was a little flat, and I suspect that getting a chance to explore the wall would enrich it.

All and all it was a good lesson that should be even better with some minor tweaks.

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