Writing Goals for next 6 Months

Near-term Grant Writing Goals:

Internal Faculty Research Grant to support follow-up on work pertaining to this post stemming from an undergraduate’s thesis. (Sept 25th)

Internal Public Service Grant to support Physics Teacher Collaboratives (Oct 1st), which we are starting this fall.

Spencer Small Research Grant to support research and instructional efforts on Responsive Teaching in our physics pre-service concentration (Oct 15th)

Longer-Term: Career Grant Next Year


Near-term Paper Writing Goals:

C&I paper, with Natasha on a micro-analysis of development of knowledge for teaching (Aug/Sept)

Phys Rev.–PER paper, on varied meanings of “straight” in student discussions of light. (Oct/Nov)

AJP paper, when F ≠ -grad(U)? (Dec/Jan)

Longer-term:  TE paper(s) with Leslie

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