Rights and Responsibilities (Spring 2013)

I forgot to post these before. I think it’s interesting to look at how at how rights and responsibilities get articulated differently each semester:

Fall 2011

Spring 2012

Fall 2012

Finally, this year

Student Rights    

To ask questions without fear of judgment

To develop our own opinions and ideas

To disagree–even assertively (at times), but never aggressively

To be wrong and to change one’s mind

To have a supportive environment in which to learn

Student Responsibilities    

To ask for clarification when expectations are not clear

To respect others’ opinions  and ideas

To  disagree constructively

  • Restating others ideas before disagreeing
  • Give reasons why you disagree

To stay on topic, but also be willing to go with flow at times
To  learn through participation, both as a class and in small group

  • To  be prepared
  • To  contribute
  • To  be engaged

To  actively listen to others, and not interrupt

To be honest (i.e., don’t pull a Lance Armstrong)

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