Recovery… or at least a step in the right direction

Today in Inquiry was more much better than Monday. Here are some reasons why:

  • A very clear goal was given to students for the day
  • A product was required to meet that goal and it was tied to public performance
  • Expectations for public performance were clearly established
  • Expectations that everyone had to contribute and be involved were clearly established
  • I reminded them of what tools we’ve developed that they have at their disposal to get started
  • I acknowledged and set aside interesting ideas and questions that were tangential to activity

Today wasn’t great, but it was a step in the right direction.

What wasn’t soooo great, was we were a little rushed toward the end, and so being engaged in listening and making sense of what others had done wasn’t fantastic. Or, maybe I didn’t set expectations for what they should be doing while the others were listening…





2 thoughts on “Recovery… or at least a step in the right direction

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    1. It was very specific to the task, not general. We’ve been really struggling to relate 2D, 3D, and word representations of what’s going on with the moon. Each group was given a particularly moon phase, and had to describe what would be seen in the sky across a 24 hour period. Each group’s presentation had to include a verbal description of the sky, a pictorial sketch of the sky, a 2D diagram to help explain, and a 3D physical model using props. It was simply stated to them that they are expected to develop a verbal, pictorial, diagrammatic, and physical model as part of their explanation, with some specific comments about what it would mean to do that well.

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