Note to self about possible standard change…

Week one standards this summer were the following:

#1: I can re-express quantities using different units

#2: I can distinguish among position, distance and displacement

#3: I can relate an object’s acceleration to how its velocity changes

#4: I understand the direction and signing conventions for acceleration during free-fall

Next time, I want something more like:  I can distinguish between average velocity from change in velocity. 

There are just too many times that we are thinking through problems by considering these kinds of quantities

1/2 (Δv) (Δt)

Vavg (Δt)



The reason I am saying this is because on our first exam, much of the feedback I gave out was about the distinction.



4 thoughts on “Note to self about possible standard change…

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    1. I’ve been having that conversation with myself. Leaning toward replace… but with maybe trying to roll #3 and #4 together… but I’m not sure. The only way I would add on is if I was committed to spending another day on kinematics stuff… which I have also separately thought about. Students did really well with #3, especially after we do the invention activities from Andrew Boudreaux and company. #4 was the hardest.

      1. That’s really interesting. My gut reaction was that #4 was the one that was probably not needed. As usual, if you want to know how a novice things, you need to ask an actual novice.

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