Discomfort, sleepless nights, and anxiety… ain’t it the truth

The voice of a real teacher:

“It was uncomfortable and sometimes I couldn’t tell if I was ‘doing it right.’  “

“I spent a lot of sleepless Sunday nights, worrying that I wasn’t good enough to pull this off and that I’d mess up my students’ minds, or at least their careers.”

“I’m still amazed at how much more confident and less anxious I felt two years ago, when my teaching was demonstrably weaker. “

“It’s been an interesting lesson to me about why not all teachers are chomping at the bit to dive into this pool.”

I’ve made it an important goal of mine to meet Mylène in person. Seriously.



3 thoughts on “Discomfort, sleepless nights, and anxiety… ain’t it the truth

Add yours

  1. Awesome. I’m signing up for your class.

    *grin* Seriously though, I guess I’d better post the sequel to that, or it might scare people off of trying their own inquiry experiments. And the outcome was absolutely worth it.

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