Teaching Evaluations: One semester to the next

After my first semester here, I gave the break down of my teaching evaluations. Here I’m at it again.

More importantly, I’m going to follow up this post with another post that is more reflective on this past year has gone (in terms of teaching) and how I see this year’s experience informing goals for improvement next year. But I wanted to get the data down first.

So, here it is. Below is a summary of my teaching evaluations for both my inquiry and physics courses–course that I taught both fall and spring semester. In each category, I show the average rating for inquiry, physics, and the department. In parentheses, I show the change in my ratings from last semester to this semester. In every category, the ratings either improve or stay the same. With respect to department averages, my evaluation for my physics class are near ceiling. In inquiry, there are two categories that I am still below departmental averages, but both showed significant improvement.


Inquiry 4.7  (+0.3 from fall to spring semester)

Physics: 4.9  (+0.0)

Department: 4.2


Inquiry: 4.3  (+0.4)

Physics: 4.8 (+0.0)

Department: 4.1

Assignments/ Grading

Inquiry: 4.3 (+0.4)

Physics:  4.9 (+0.1)

Department: 4.4

Scholarly Approach

Inquiry: 4.2 (+0.2)

Physics: 4.8  (+0.1)

Department: 4.2

Student Interactions:

Inquiry: 4.6 (+0.1)

Physics: 4.9 (+0.0)

Department: 4.0


Inquiry: 4.6 (+0.4)

Physics:  4.7 (+0.0)

Department: 4.1


Inquiry: 3.5 (+0.5)

Physics: 4.6  (+0.1)

Department: 3.8

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