Notebook Rubric

Based on today’s discussion about scientists’ notebooks, I drafted the following rubric for assessing students’ notebooks in class, following the guidelines of a lesson over at SGSI.

Personal Relevance: Does your notebook demonstrate that are you engaged and thinking rather than simply going through the motions of copying down notes and data?

Requirement page #s – tell me where to look Grade – I’ll do this
Evidence of your ideas and their progression: this should include things that you do understand, things you don’t understand, and show the process of your thinking.
Attempts to interpret, explain, or draw inferences from observations–not just observations and data.
 Questions that arise as you conduct research and your attempts to answer them.
Evidence of personal expressions, personality, individual style, engagement or creativity
Sketches, drawings, or diagrams that convey thinking, capture observations, or depict what was done.

Public Relevance: Is your notebook useful and understandable for others familiar with your research. Can they follow the sequence of ideas, experiments, and data?

Requirement page #s – tell me where to look Grade – I’ll do this one
All days are dated and pages are numbered
There is some organization (such as labels or titles) among the “chaos”.
There are references to peers’ work or ideas when they influenced your own thinking.
There are details and accurate accounts of what you observed, such that your findings are well documented
There are detailed, accurate descriptions of procedures, making it possible to go back and repeat or “troubleshoot”

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